Why I made Just About Elite

Some of you may be wondering why I actually made this blog. Truth is, there are a number of reasons why and it’s basically a story about how things just pieced themselves together.

A couple of months ago I spent my entire Saturday night looking for jobs. Now, I like to think I’m a patient person, but admittedly, that’s only when I can keep things within my control. A job isn’t something I can control the way I like because there’s a lot of reliance on another person’s opinion (funny that, seems like my love life too but that’s another story). Anyway, my impatience got the better of me. I glanced up at my mirror in front of me, banged my fist lightly against my desk and said, “that’s it. I’m doing my own thing. I’m going to make a blog.” Even if it was just to start off with a little bit of extra cash on the side until I got a job or until the blog really lifted off, it was better than nothing. I’m not a big spender anyway so saving money wasn’t a massive issue.

For the following weeks after that, I was struggling to come up with names for the blog and what I would focus on. I had the general idea that it would include a lot of university/studying related topics as well as sport, but the name and the general idea still just seemed a bit iffy to me. It was like, yeah sounds alright…but is it the best it can possibly be? The answer was no. There was something missing. So months passed and I continued trying to figure out what in the world this blog was going to be about. I didn’t want it to end up like all the others I had had in the past- just a neglected corner of the internet that I check up on and have a giggle at from time to time.

Bring on the Olympics. The Games started the day after my birthday (Australia time) and lucky me, I was sick for my birthday and pretty much the entire following week. This meant I spent a tonne of time finishing off assignments in front of my TV and watching the Olympics-often almost pulling muscles from getting over-excited at some of the events (Kyle Chalmers comeback win, anyone?).  Now this is where the 7s come in. I watched as many of the women’s 7s event as I possibly could- it was entertaining and I’m a big rugby fan. I was over the moon when Australia won gold. Initially, I thought 7s seemed pretty cool. It looked like the sort of sport I would take up, but I thought nothing more of it. But then I spent some time thinking about the Olympics in general. For the two weeks, I was so hyped up about the Games that I just had this passing thought of what it would be like to actually compete there. Seeing the way the Aussies from all sports united and witnessing the pride these athletes had representing their country, it sort of just hit me then and there. I literally thought, why not? Why can’t I represent Australia? Why can’t I go and win gold at the Olympics? What’s stopping me? I mean, seriously? Why not?

Give it another month and I had another epiphany.

Blog about your journey, Monique.

I mean, it’s not exactly going to be a boring one and I’m pretty sure I can pull out a tonne of content to keep readers entertained.

But again, why not?

And voila, then came Just About Elite.

So why did I create Just About Elite?

I created it to share my journey-an exciting, testing but an oddly not that terrifying one. I created it to show you that when you put your mind to something, no matter how big or small, you can achieve it. I created this blog to show you that Olympians aren’t some super human species. I wanted to show people that you can be an elite athlete, a university student, a friend, a family member and most of all, just someone who wants to get the most out of life and achieve what they view as their idea of success.

Life’s short. If you’re after something and have any hesitations about pursuing it, ask, why the bloody hell not?


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