Why I love to write


I don’t consider myself much of a stereotypical writer, except for the way I fell in love with it. You hear about how people have been writing for as long as they could remember or how reading and writing have always been huge parts of their lives. Then you hear about those who were late bloomers and found their voice when they were older. I fall into the first category. I’ve always loved reading and have loved writing stories since I was around six or seven years old. I’d sit in front of the desktop computer for hours on end and come up with short story after short story. I’d be inspired by movies I watched or thoughts I’d had and come up with things I wonder now, how I wrote. I think one story I wrote was inspired by Read it and Weep and another was inspired by Sky High…or maybe the one I’m thinking about was a mix of the two. In grade one, I wrote a short story about ten kids who were also crime fighters and my teacher told me how her step-dad was confused as he thought she taught grade ones and not grade fours after reading my piece. I don’t know why, to be honest- but I love to write. I just do.

→ An escape
I think one of the reasons I love writing is because I can escape from reality to a world that I not only created, but can also control. It gives me an opportunity to be other people and see things from different perspectives. I can escape from the stress and problems of my daily life and just immerse myself into a totally different world without spending a dime. I can imagine scenarios and vicariously live through my characters in lives I may or may not have in the future.

→ Creativity
I’m a strong believer in the importance of creativity. Now as a law student, I’ve realised that once you hit a certain age everything becomes far more black and white and bland. You don’t get many opportunities to be able to write creatively and think artistically. You could argue that you can be creative with potential solutions, however that’s usually confined to a range of principles and laws. For a while, I didn’t write much and if I had to be honest, it was a struggle. I didn’t like the inability to have a creative outlet whatsoever.

→ Express myself
Writing provides me an opportunity to express myself in an art form. I know people who don’t have any creative outlets and have noticed the effects and differences between those who do have these outlets and those who don’t. I consider myself very lucky to be someone who does because I get the chance to reap the benefits. Through writing, I can express my thoughts, views and feelings through other characters and I love the feeling that brings.

→ To entertain  
I was born on August 5th which makes me a Leo. I know a lot of people are skeptical about the whole zodiac thing but I can safely say I share a lot of traits that a Leo is supposed to have. Two of those are being an entertainer and making people happy and also craving attention (but the good kind of attention). Writing allows me a platform to entertain people whilst also attaining attention from my readers. That sounds so much more attention-seeking and superficial than I expected it to be…but at least I’m being honest…

There’s something powerful about creating something that is yours and yours alone. Writing brings about this feeling and it’s yet another reason why I love to write. There are so many more reasons why I write and if I wrote them all down, you’d probably stop reading. So here were a couple of reasons. What are yours?

Why do you like to write?

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