My 2017 Resolutions

Just like millions of other people, I’ve established my New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Unlike many of them, I will stick to them and I’ll be using this post as a way to keep myself in check. Using my list of how to make 2017 the best year yet , I’ll be working hard to ensure I fulfil each and every one of my resolutions. I know in the post I just linked I kind of diss resolutions, but I think there’s a difference between people making resolutions for the sake of making them just because everyone else is and those who genuinely intend on accomplishing them.

I’ve separated my goals into a variety of categories to make them easier to read and follow. These include health, sport, university, social, work and blog.

-Practice mindfulness
-Meditate everyday
-Stay fit and exercise often- primarily because I noticed a huge change when I exercised a lot more, both with my mental health and my physical health.
-Make the most of the opportunity to see a psychologist and undergo therapies that will help me ensure my mental health is in the best condition possible.
-Just to relax tbh..

-start rugby 
-work hard, efficiently and consistently to ensure I put myself in the best position possible to ensure I am at the top of my game

-Work smart when studying so I can achieve the marks I want
-To relax and not freak out during exams

-make new friends and take risks when meeting new people
-get out and about more often
-consistently practice different languages- I don’t have to be fluent by the end of the year but I intend on having an extensive understanding
-travel more

-depending on this job, to continue to budget and save money
-find another job that will help me not only help my financial status, but also give me valuable experience for my future.

– to increase the number of followers on all media platforms and engage with my followers
-to meet other bloggers and establish friendships with them
-to post high quality content and engage with my readers
-monetise the blog

So here were a couple of my goals. What are yours?

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