Summer body love

I was at the beach with the family and noticed this girl there with her boyfriend. I think she was around 16 or 17 . Whilst her boyfriend happily took off his shirt and dived into the water, she waited on the shoreline, watching him with both her arms crossed across her stomach. Her shoulders were hunched even though I could tell she was trying not to hunch them in fear that people would notice her insecurities. It was like she was pretending to be cold even though it was 30 degrees. She was tall, tanned, blonde and slim- features that seem to be what a lot of girls desire. However, her standing there the way that she was (and she’s not the first of the kind who I’ve seen like that by the way and I’m sure many of you can relate), it made me realise how fragile our body confidence can be- even if we have what others may deem “the perfect body”.

And then here I was, not in the best shape in a sports bra and soaked denim shorts because my brother decided that a piece of seaweed would deter him from getting the footy that we later lost because it floated too far out for me (in my injured manner) to retrieve, openly just taking my shirt off and running into the water. I mean, I reckon it’d be pretty cool to have that kind of body where you’re tall and tanned with a flat stomach but like,  I don’t. I mean I probably will eventually after training and going to the gym so much for rugby, but for now, I’m still pretty happy with how I look because to be honest, it’s all I have. I know that eventually I’ll get the body where I’m toned up and fit (yes dad, I will prove you wrong that fitness and I do in fact, go in the same sentence) and I know that right now, this body is all I have so why the hell not just be happy? Life’s too short to constantly be worrying and being concerned about what others think about how you look. No diet or exercise can change how you or I look overnight. It’s a bit of a marathon. And even then, no matter how fit you are, you still might not have that body. You have your own body. We all have different body types and we need to learn to work with that. We have to learn to love ourselves the way we are because there’s no other version of us except ourselves. So here are a couple of my tips on how to love your body:

-Don’t think about others. Just live and enjoy yourself. It may seem easy to say, but hard to do. But when you think about it, chuckle to yourself and get on with it, it’s far simpler than it seems.

-It sounds cliche but there is only one you. Know you are loved and wanted regardless of who  you are. You are unique and needed. You are beautiful in your own way. Accept that and see how your confidence improves. Utilise your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses.

-Don’t compare yourself to others. This is probably a major killer when it comes to body confidence. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

-Take your time. Learning to love your body is like learning anything else, it takes time. Don’t think because you don’t instantly start loving your body or if your confidence is still pretty low after trying to be more body positive that you’ll never be happy in your own skin. It takes time. Just stay persistent.

-Remember: Not even the model in the magazine looks like the model in the magazine. Everyone has their flaws and it’s about damn time we all learn to embrace them.

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