My latest favourite TV shows

Since finishing uni for the year, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands- probably because I have those extra hours where I’d be usually studying free. In a very Monique kind of fashion, I’ve managed to finally get hooked on a couple of shows that I used to brush off. Here’s a list of them and why I think you need to start watching them.

Once Upon a Time:
Ok so, I actually started OUAT when it first came out although I only did so because one of my faves from Band of Brothers was in it. Anyway, I watched the episodes that he was in during the first season and by the time season 2 was released, I forgot about the show. Fast forward to after exams this year, I was flicking through the channels on TV and OUAT was on so I decided to watch it. I got hooked onto the episode and decided that night to start from the very beginning. That was a very good idea that I had because it ultimately led me to the first draft of a novel that I’m writing and so forth. More importantly though, the show is well-written, the characters are multi-faceted, it teaches values and the cast is flippin’ awesome. I mean, I may or may not have gained a couple of new favourite actors from it and when that happens, you know it’s a good show. So watch it.

Scandal is a show where I thought to watch it, but never got around to it quite frankly. It seemed alright, but wasn’t a priority. That was, until, I infamously flicked through the channels again and it was on instead of OUAT (how convenient). Again, that night I decided to watch it from the beginning and I just fell in love with it. Something that really caught me was how fast-paced it was. It had a bit of a The West Wing feel with the fast talking and the go-go-go, no monkey business attitude the script had. As a huge fan of TWW, I was super excited to have found another show with the same sort of vibes. I powered through all 5 seasons and cannot wait until season 6 starts. Writing that has now given me the idea to write my review on each episode- good one Monique.

Vikings is a show I was constantly meh about. I don’t know- perhaps it was the Game of Thrones-ey kind of feel it had to it that had turned me off for so long (I mean, it wasn’t until June that I actually watched Game of Thrones). Nevertheless, I got there in the end and randomly decided to watch it. I honestly don’t know what got me started on it, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s a wicked show and you should watch it if you haven’t already. The characters and the portrayal of them are engaging, almost comedic and incredibly entertaining at times. My personal favourite is Floki even though most of you who watch the show would probably think he’s a bit looney and overly-skeptical (to put it nicely). I love him because he’s different and I can see his perspective, whilst also loving the way Gustaf Skarsgard plays him. That being said, everyone in the cast should be commended because they’re actually brilliant.

Have you watched any of these shows? Should I start watching any other shows? Let me know in the comments.

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