A couple of quick health tips

  1. Drink water
    One of the most common health tips that I basically live by is to make sure you get plenty of h2o. There are an endless number of health benefits with drinking water from weight loss to skin care. I never leave the house without a water bottle- it’s a must have for me. At uni, staying hydrated helps me stay focused and energised whilst in lectures and tutorials- which, obviously, is useful for paying attention to what is being said and therefore, out of class, I am able to better remember and study the content which in turn is useful for assignments and exams and thus would…okay Monique stop. You guys get the point.  
  2. Eat a balanced diet with limited take-out, sugars etc
    It seems like everywhere you turn- whether on social media or in real life, there’s at least one article, ad or sign promoting the latest reality star’s “successful” diet and exercise regime which you should totally sign up for because they’ll help you achieve your dream body. That may be so, but honestly, you just need to learn how to stay balanced. You can start by eating a balanced diet and cutting out take-out and sugary foods. Do your research about what’s good and what isn’t and stay vigilant to what you’re eating and drinking.  
    I cannot stress this enough. You need to move. This doesn’t necessarily mean exercising, but more so don’t sit in the one place for too long. Get up every once in awhile, stretch and walk around. Get your blood flowing. Also, fit in some kind of exercise. It doesn’t have to be much- a half an hour walk will do. Or if you’re even more restricted on time, find some quick 10-15 minute Pinterest or Youtube exercise guides that will be sure to get your heart pumping.  
  4. Relaxation/stress relief
    Relaaaaax. You need to find a form of relaxation that will help relieve you from stress. It sounds easier said than done, but you have to try. The long term benefits of stressing less are phenomenal and your body will thank you forever. Read, watch a movie, meditate, play sport, go to the gym, hang out with friends. Seriously, it’ll do you wonders. Remember, that whatever you are doing isn’t the be all and end all. It won’t be the end of the world. Stress really isn’t worth it when you feel like rubbish and both your physical and mental state have gone down the drain.

  5. Sleep
    This is one of those moments where I should probably take my own advice. Get a good night’s sleep! If I’ve learnt anything this year, it’s definitely how important sleep is for your health- both physical and mental. I found that once I got a couple of earlier nights in a row, my health sky-rocketed. I wasn’t tired and I didn’t feel nauseous. Most of all, I wasn’t as panicky and didn’t flip out the second I thought there was something wrong with me (thanks hypochondria). As soon as I got more sleep, the stress levels decreased. The anxiety decreased and I felt better than ever.
    I hope you found these tips useful and might apply them into your daily lives. If so, let me know how it goes.

    Have you got your own tips? Comment below.

   Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional in any way. Please do not take the advice as though it’s professional advice. It worked for me but that does not guarantee it will work for you. 


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