My Guide to the Australian Open

If you ever get the opportunity to come to Melbourne in January, I would strongly suggest you get yourself some tickets to go see the Australian Open. You don’t really have to be much of a sports fan to enjoy it, especially considering the vast number of more social events taking place. This year for example, there were a number of “quarters” inspired by different places in the world, like the NYC quarter, the English quarter, the French quarter and so forth. There was also the beer garden and plenty of other entertainment and performances to keep you occupied.
For me, it’s become a bit of a tradition to go to the Open, having done so for the past few years (except 2016 as I was on the other side of the world). This post is basically going to be about the how-to’s of attending the tournament, from what to bring, what to do and whether it’s better to go on your own or with friends.

What to bring:
-Plenty of water, especially when it’s hot. Trust me, it gets very hot.
-Snacks. One thing is that that food can be quite expensive. Another thing is, when you’re in the middle of watching a game and you can feel the hunger creeping in, you don’t exactly want to leave the match to waste another half an hour getting food and then end up losing your seats that were actually really good.
-Deoderant. It gets hot therefore it means you’ll probably get sweaty.
-A hat or something else to protect you from the sun.
-Depending on the weather, bring a jacket- especially if you’re going in the afternoon and there’s a cool change.
-Plenty of camera space and a fully charged phone
-A portable phone charger. It’s pretty good there because they have power stations where you can charge your phone, however, they’re quite hard to find and take ages to get to if you’re not close by.

What to do:
-Watch your favourite tennis players play
-Watch the live performances by a range of different acts on the day
-Socialise at one of the outdoor food venues or maybe go to one of the restaurants on site (I don’t know much about this- I’m yet to make the most of these sort of venues)
-Do a bit of retail therapy and buy a heap of clothes/souvenirs etc
-Take a lot of photos

Which tickets? Should I go on my own or with people?
-When it comes to the Australian Open there are plenty of ticket choices on offer. You’ve got ones for the day and night sessions in the major arenas like Rod Laver and Margaret Court and then you’ve also go the single day ground pass, three day ground pass and five day ground pass where you can pretty much go anywhere except for Rod Laver and Margaret Court. My personal favourite is the three day ground pass as many of my favourite players are usually on the outside courts. Usually (this year was an exception), I go in the first couple of days because that’s when most players are playing. The three day ground pass is my personal favourite because it gives you enough time to see as many players as possible because it’s not just for one day, and it’s not as long as five. If you’re not fussed as to who you see play and would prefer watching the big players, I would suggest getting to tickets to one of the big courts.
-As for going with friends or going on your own? That really depends on you. I’ve gone with and without others, and I have to admit that I think I prefer going with someone else. If you’re in the mood to just do your own thing and spend some time alone, I would suggest getting the one ticket. Otherwise, I reckon going with someone else would be a good idea, as long as they also have a interest and have the same priorities as you at the tennis.

Overall, going to the Australian Open is always a memorable experience and if you ever get the chance to go, you better grab some tickets and go!


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  1. Enyiie February 6, 2017 / 9:53 pm

    Hi Monique! I haven’t caught up with your posts for a while, but love that you decided to write on the AO. Reminds me how many local events I haven’t been to yet and need to put on my bucket list – e.g. this, F1, Melbourne Cup, music events. Can’t believe how quickly the two weeks went by *sigh* haha … weeeelll theres always Wimbledon, French and US Opens 😀


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