Top 10 countries I want to visit


The other day whilst scouring through Twitter, I noticed another blog post about countries where people really want to travel. Of course, me being me, I had to write one for myself as since my trip overseas in 2015 all I’ve really been looking forward to is travelling. Now me also being me, I’ve limited this list to my top 10 places because otherwise who really knows how long this list would be. I might just add in quickly now that at the beginning of March I’ll be heading off to Thailand for a week so expect some more travel posts coming from that. Just a warning, the majority of these countries are in Europe. Anyway, here’s my list.

1. Croatia
Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking- “you’ve already been there though?” Yes, I have been there but I want to go again and this time around, I want to see more of the country during summer. The last time I went was in December 2015 (insert link here) and I only saw Sibenik and Zagreb. I’d love to go to Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Hvar and other gems on the Dalmatian coast as well as along the Istrian peninsula. On top of this, I would love to go to towns like Davor, Podravina (the home towns of both my grandfathers), Osijek, Vukovar and Knin. The aim is to see a good mixture of regional and coastal towns and really just immerse myself into my heritage. And of course, I’d love to go see a Dinamo Zagreb game and a Cibona game.

2. Hungary
Again, as I have Hungarian blood, I would love to visit the country of my ancestors and visit the numerous historical places there. Budapest would probably be the one-stop shop there and just seeing the cultural significance of the capital city from photos, I really have the urge to go and just explore. Before that though, I should probably actually brush up on my almost non-existent Hungarian.

3. Italy
I’ve been to Rome and I really want to go back. Like Croatia, I would love to just go through the whole country and just see and experience the beauty of the country. From Rome to Venice to Florence to Positano to Torino to Montepagano to Milan…yeah, you get the point. I’ll also add that I would love to go to a couple of soccer matches- preferably Inter Milan and Juventus. From the coast to the historical cities to the sport, Italy is a must go (or must return to?).

4. USA
When I was younger, I wanted to live in America. I might, eventually but now the urge has somewhat dwindled for a number of reasons. I’d love to go to the major cities like New York, Chicago, LA and so forth. I’d also love to catch a Celtics and Red Sox game in Boston (and also go to Wahlburgers). New Orleans would also be on the list of cities to visit because of the culture and also because I’m a bit of a Saints fan so it would be great to see them play at the ‘dome. Other places of interest would be San Francisco (and pretty much anywhere else in California), Charleston, Las Vegas, Seattle and Miami. And of course, last but not least, I would absolutely love to go to Hawaii.

5. Germany
I learnt German for 6 years at high school and was only after I finished that I actually had the desire to travel to the country. I spent a couple of hours at Munich airport but that was enough to make me want to make a comeback to Germany. There’s so much history and amazing things to see there and I think it’ll be a great place for someone like me to visit. Again, soccer matches are a must along with trips to historical places like the Berlin Wall.

6. Great Britain
Great Britain is a bit of a new addition to my list of places I must travel to. Nevertheless, I would love to go all the major cities like London and Glasgow and then also to the quaint little towns with the pebbled streets and cosy pubs. Again, soccer is a must…but don’t worry, I’ll most definitely be calling it football over there. The aim is to go see at least one Arsenal game and see my Gunners win. I wouldn’t mind also going to the coastal towns like Brighton.

7. France
The events of the past two years have somewhat deterred people from wanting to go to France as they fear they would get caught up in a terrorist attack. For some reason, I have no such fear…or maybe I’m just naive and silly, but oh well. France has so many beautiful places to travel to and I’ve learnt a heap about French history which has made me want to go to the places where these events took place. From Paris to Normandy to the coastal towns like Brittany, there are a number of places to see and things to do (and plenty to eat as well). St Tropez? Cannes? Anyone?

8. Spain
My number one inspiration for visiting Spain is the soccer if I had to be honest. Other than that, I’ve watched Cheetah Girls 2 way too many times to not want to strut down the streets of Barcelona. I’d also love to visit Madrid (and see El Clasico of course), Sevilla, Ibiza, Granada and Majorca. I want to visit a lot of places, okay?

9. Thailand
I’m going to Thailand in just over a month and I have to say that I am super excited. I’ve always been a beach bum and from what I hear, the area I’m going to literally has my perfect lifestyle. The shopping is cheap and I’m super pumped to reboot my wardrobe and struggling to choose which pair of shoes I want to wear. On top of that, I can’t wait to finally get a new iPod dock which will be of great use to me. A week on the beach and by the pool? Yes please. As long as I don’t get sunburnt, it should be a blast. Sunscreen is seriously going to be my best friend.

10. Switzerland
To finish off the list, I’d like to add Switzerland to the top 10 countries I would love to visit. The diversity there is a huge appeal to me with the French, Italian and German regions (conveniently, Germany, France and Italy have all been mentioned on this list so it’s only logical Switzerland would be on it too). Switzerland has stunning scenery from the Swiss alps to the views of the towns and cities. There are the castles and the waterfalls and it’s literally straight out of a fairytale. And then there’s the food in all it’s glory…and the chocolate. And just…yeah you get the point. I just really want to go. Oh, and on a more serious note- the UN is there too. It’s the perfect country for me to visit, I think.


What countries are you dying to go to?



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