My thoughts on the season 6 premiere of “Scandal”


Episode: Survival of the Fittest

I was a bit of a latecomer to the “Scandal” watching crowd and managed to get up to date on all five seasons within a couple of weeks. In typical me fashion, that left me to wait a month for season 6 (I know, it’s not that bad compared to others but I easily could have just extended my viewing of it). I had watched the trailer about 40 times, trying to suss out what was going to happen and making assumptions on who was going to win the presidency. The trailer said that it was going to be dramatic within the first 10 minutes, and I can safely say now- it did not disappoint at all.

There was an explosion, a presidential victory and a shooting- all in that order. Perhaps I hadn’t watched as many political dramas as I had thought as the ‘victory’ didn’t go to who I genuinely expected. I mean, I wasn’t surprised that Vargas won and if it was a real election, I probably would have voted for him if I had the opportunity to but I was really hoping Mellie would win. After everything she had been through and everything she had sacrificed, it would have just been the icing on the cake for her to have won the election. I actually felt horrible for her despite having an immense dislike towards her for the first few seasons. But, it wasn’t meant to be and that has drawn a lot of uncanny parallels with Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss. To be fair though, Vargas is a much better alternative than Trump I must admit.

On the point of Vargas though, the poor guy didn’t exactly have the chance to finish his victory speech before being shot three times. I can usually see things coming, but this time (as per usual) Shonda got me (and all of us)…again. There was the constant “oh my God…what?” coming from my room as the commotion took place on my screen. Eventually the severity of the situation was brought to everyone’s attention and threw a spanner in the works, ultimately setting up the season nicely.

In true Olivia Pope fashion,  OP&A went to work to figure out who set the whole saga up. I’m pretty sure most of us Scandal viewers all agreed it was Cyrus but then after seeing his reaction to Vargas being shot and then dying, we all felt bad that we even thought that of him and felt sorry for him. That left us thinking, but who else? Seeing Cyrus standing at the hospital and mourning the loss of his ‘friend’, the governor he built up and ultimately turned into the president-elect, it threw us off his path. However, were we really that surprised at the end when Olivia and the team established that it was him after all? This is Cyrus Beene we’re talking about here- the power-hungry, evil narcissist who is capable of doing anything if that meant getting what he wanted. He considered killing Michael, remember? Although he’s one of my favourite characters, it definitely doesn’t mean he’s an angel. Quite the opposite in fact.

And now onto current president Fitz, who had a bit of a quiet role in the first episode. Whilst the focus was primarily on the election and the chaos that followed, Fitz had a huge decision to make regarding who the new president would be. Would it be Mellie? Would it be Cyrus? Or someone else entirely? After losing, Mellie’s confidence shattered and it made her realise what Fitz felt like when they were together and he didn’t want the power. However, after a conversation with her ex-husband, she decided that she did want the position after all. For a while there, we all thought Fitz would pick her but then one thing led to another and he ended up choosing Cyrus. It wasn’t until after the announcement that OPA figured that it was Cyrus who had set up Vargas’ assassination.

The premiere wasn’t all doom, gloom and explosions though. In what was probably my favourite part of the whole episode, Charlie technically proposed to Quinn (this is Charlie and Quinn so hence the ‘technically’) at the fault of Huck. Quinn was initially hesitant and asked a heap of questions, chirping away in Huck’s ear as the duo went to find where the source of their conclusion that Cyrus organised the assassination was supposed to be staying. The cabin in the woods exploded when they were close by and the near death experience resulted in Quinn returning to the office and saying yes to Charlie. It was adorable. I was happy. I was doing a happy dance whilst Olivia was trying to figure out what was going on- which is a rare moment because Olivia usually knows everything. I mean, she usually organises the proposals too. Remember back in season 1 when she bought the ring and watched Stephen propose to his “normal” girlfriend?

Episode 1 of season 6 didn’t disappoint. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that now I have to wait an entire week for the episode. The premiere was explosive, fiery, dramatic and everything else you’d expect from a good quality Shonda Rhimes show. This season gon’ be good.


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