Who I think should represent Croatia at Eurovision 2017


So it’s that time of year again where we Eurovision tragics come out of the woodwork and become impatient at how long it’s taking for countries to pick who will represent them at this year’s Eurovision song contest. Since May last year, we’ve managed to tone down the amount of Eurovision chatter on our social media pages and amongst social circles. Or, if you’re anything like me, you still have your favourite Eurovision songs on repeat whilst going to work or school. How can you not? Sometimes all you really need is a jam session to all your favourite hits.

Now there would surely be a few of you reading this wondering, “what in the world is Eurovision?” Some Eurovision lovers will probably judge you, others would pity you. I, on the other hand, shall straight up inform you. The Eurovision Song Contest is basically a song contest where European countries (and Australia) send an artist who then performs a song and then Europe chooses which song is their favourite. That’s pretty much the most basic explanation of it and I could definitely go into far more detail but let’s just leave that for another time.

As I said, each country that participates somehow picks a performer (each country has a different method of doing so) and that performer goes to the country of the previous winner. Last year, Ukraine won with Jamala’s song 1944 (much to my utter and pure dismay but I’ve moved on….), hence it will be in Kiev this year. Around 6 countries have already picked who their representatives are at the time of writing this, but the countries I’m most interested in are yet to do so. The sooner they do, the happier I’ll be…well, that’ll depend to be honest depending on who they pick.

One of these countries is Croatia (actually it’s probably the main country but you get the point). For the last number of years, I’ve been rather disappointed in the performers and songs we’ve sent. If we have a good performer, then we don’t send songs that could be contenders. So, I’ve created a list of who I think should represent Croatia at Eurovision 2017, even though it will highly likely not be any of these choices knowing the luck I have. Anyway, here are my top 5 picks for who I reckon should represent Croatia at Eurovision this year (in no particular order).

1. Jelena Rozga

I’ve long thought it was about time Jelena Rozga competed at Eurovision. I genuinely don’t understand how nobody thought to choose Nirvana as Croatia’s Eurovision song for 2013. She can sing pop and she can sing ballads and both would be as good as each other. Whether she goes this year and enters with a catchy, upbeat pop song or enters a ballad, I can almost assure you that the audience both in the stadium and at home would very much enjoy it.

2. Pravila Igre

Pravila is a Croatian band who I’ve only gotten onto recently, but I’ve had their songs on repeat for the past two weeks. They’re not quite the traditional Eurovision acts and it’s not often that a rock band wins it. However, rock songs have proven to be popular over the past few years. Turkey’s entry in 2010 and Cyprus’ in 2016 were quite popular and I think with Pravila Igre, a good song and their youthfulness, Croatia could quite easily get in the top 10 (or perhaps better).

3. Lana Jurcevic

I’ve been a huge fan of Lana since I was 6 and it’s been interesting following how she’s transformed as an artist. I think her Americanised sort of music could prove to be popular (if she were to go down that path). However, she does have a great voice and with a song like Majica, she could become one of the favourites. I think if Croatia was to select Rozga or Lana, the best sort of song would have an ethnic beat to it that anyone would enjoy. It would be boppy and upbeat, but also unique and different from the usual pop songs.

4. Lidija Bacic

Like Lana and Rozga, Lidija Bacic has the same sort of vibes with her music. Her vocals stand out in particular, which would get the attention of both the judges and the audience. I think a song like Nasmij Se Sestro would be most suited for her if she were to perform at Eurovision, or otherwise Adio could also work. Her music is the sort you’ll see on top Balkan song lists. It represents the region well and would likely be popular amongst other eastern European countries.

5. Uciteljice  

The only problem I can see arising from sending Uciteljice to Eurovision would be the obvious struggle of pronouncing Uciteljice- uch-i-tel-yi-tse. Aside from that, the violin playing trio have risen to fame in Croatia with their hits like Sok and Luda Kuca. They’re different from the usual sort of acts sent and I think if they could utilise the violins and mix it with catchy beats and great vocals, it will most definitely be a favourite amongst both audience and judges.

Again, these are just my opinions on who I think should represent Croatia. I’m not affiliated with whoever does choose the performer, but I’m seriously lowkey hoping it’s one of my choices. Not only that, I’m praying that they have a good song too. It’s been too long since Croatia had any success at Eurovision. I need some bragging rights once in awhile too. Only time will tell and I can’t wait until more songs are released. So I suppose you should also consider this a warning for my oncoming, non-stop Eurovision yammer.


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