My thoughts on: Scandal 6×02


Last week, I said that I would be posting my thoughts about the latest episodes of Scandal each week and so here I am with what I thought about the second episode. I have to say, it was much slower than episode one. Then again, it would be pretty hard to beat how action-packed that one was. After spending a while longer thinking about the ep and initially complaining that it was a bit meh, I came to the conclusion that it was far more technical and complicated which I thought was quite clever. There was a lot of Marcus and Mellie’s relationship, the team trying to gather more evidence against Cyrus and the FBI trying to get the perp who shot Vargas to admit that he did it and he was the only culprit. I felt like the structure of my post last week was a bit all over the place, so this week I’ve decided to write it out in dot points that stuck out the most for me. 

-Marcus and Mellie’s relationship
We can all probably recall in season 5 the moment where Marcus told Mellie to just be herself before the interview on Jimmy Fallon. For a moment there, I think a lot of us n’awww at the way Marcus was putting up with Mellie’s attitude. And I also think that was the moment where she realised that he was a nice guy. Guys who are nice to her and appreciate her personality away from politics haven’t exactly been easy to come by for the unlucky-in-love Mellie Grant. This episode takes a look back at parts of the relationship that we missed throughout the campaign. It also included that warnings Liv gave her about the consequences of dating Marcus. A presidential candidate having an intimate relationship with someone on their campaign team? Mmm, sounds familiar…I think if anyone knows about how that kind of relationship would end- it’s Olivia. It didn’t stop the two though. We knew that it wouldn’t end well, but we couldn’t deny the chemistry between them. There was that moment where Marcus almost kissed her on the mound whilst trying to teach her how to pitch a baseball. And then there was what happened back at the office… and you get the point. Liv soon realised that instead of backing away from Marcus, Mellie was just becoming closer and closer so of course she had to take action and do something to protect the campaign: break Mellie and Marcus up. Yes, that also sounds familiar. Throwback to when she broke up David and Abby. Hence, you can imagine Abby’s reaction to Liv doing the same thing to Mellie when asking the White House to give Marcus the job of press secretary. This decision came after Mellie’s full blown speech about how happy she is with Marcus and that she had never felt that happy with anyone else. Whilst we, the audience, sat here like “yaaasss”, Liv didn’t exactly have the same sentiment. She did have a point though and it made Mellie somewhat double-take. Marcus is a climber. He started off as a civil rights activist who ended up having an affair with the mayor’s wife. He then joined OP&A and he was now having a fling with a potential president. Of course alarm bells were going off in Olivia’s head. She wasn’t going to let “a boy” ruin her chance at the White House. No way.

-Is Cyrus guilty or…

The question still lingers. Is he guilty or is he not guilty? At the end of episode one, we all thought for sure that he was guilty. However, OP&A struggled to not only find strong evidence that supports their claims, the FBI and White House didn’t believe them either. They thought Liv just couldn’t deal with the fact that the election was over and that she lost, so she wanted a witch hunt on Cyrus. The FBI wasn’t exactly helpful and didn’t believe the suspect who insisted it was not him. Yet, he did not give up the name of who did hire him. Liv tried using Charlie and Quinn to pretend they were FBI agents and gather the evidence they needed via laptops and so forth from the site of the explosion that killed their lead. That backfired though as a real FBI agent told them the evidence van was in the opposite direction of where they were walking. In the end, Liv decided to meet her old friend, the FBI director, who apparently she goes way back with, for dinner to allow for enough time for Quinn to get what she needed from the head office. They did so and eventually, they found what they were looking for. Meanwhile, with the unsuccessful attempts at getting the guy who allegedly killed Vargas to admit that he did so, Abby ended up getting Jake to help out. Considering Jake’s one of my favourite characters on the show, I have to say that I’m not liking the fact that he’s not on that much. Nevertheless, he’ll be back…hopefully. Surely. Anyway, the guy confessed after dealing Jake and as the director walked in, she realised he had wet himself- literally. Anyway back to what we were all waiting for the entire episode- the footage that would supposedly prove to anyone that Cyrus was behind Vargas’ assassination. Liv went to the White House to show Fitz, the FBI director and anyone else who’d listen the clip of Vargas and Cyrus arguing and Vargas basically telling Cyrus that he’ll pay for what he’s done in the past. Now, we all know what happens to people who try and get in Cyrus’ way of what he wants…

-Will she or won’t she & The Offer
Yeah so, Mellie continues to have doubts about the presidency. One second, she’s all I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT and then the next she’s like, nahhh. To make matters more complicated for her, Cyrus brings up an offer for her and thinks it’s one that she could not possibly refuse. Be my vice president. Mellie Grant, Vice President of the United States whilst Cyrus Beene was President… that’s…that’s some twisted stuff right there if I had to be honest. It’s pretty much putting two of the most twisted characters on the show as the leaders of the free world. Initially, Mellie was like nah. But then came the whole Marcus saga and she was like you know what…actually… and it left the rest of us rolling our eyes whilst simultaneously yelling through our laptop screens, saying no, don’t go there. You can’t. Close to the end of the episode, Mellie decides to go meet up with Fitz but is then told he’s in a meeting. So, she decides to go for a bit of a leisurely stroll through the Oval office and VOILA! She wants to continue fighting for the presidency. I should add that whilst she was considering the position of VP, she also ditched Olivia and told her it was over after finding out she was the one who intentionally broke her and Marcus up. Anyway, that’s all in the past at the end where she comes back and tells Liv that she still wants the White House. Boy oh boy, make up your mind lady. Although, I’m pretty sure a lot of us would be just as conflicted if we were in her position, if not more.

-Liv telling Quinn to live
And now for my weekly favourite, the moment I get to write about Charlie and Quinn. So this week, there were cute little moments between them as they bickered about their wedding and so forth. Charlie asks Quinn if he should talk to her dad and she told him off because they were working and it wasn’t the right time to discuss the wedding. Quinn’s basically been going back and forth about marrying Charlie and it’s started annoy Liv. Hence, Liv finally snaps and tells her to stop being scared and just live. She tells her how she’s being offered a chance to live a somewhat normal, happy life with someone who “somehow loves” her and who she “somehow loves”, saying how a number of people would do anything for that chance. It strikes a chord within Quinn and she realises the Olivia’s right. Which is good for me because then there’s more Charlie and Quinn wedding planning and what not.

Watching the trailer for next week, it looks like it’ll pick up the pace. But I do have to admit, I’m just really, really excited that Tom’s back. Maybe he had something to do with Vargas…


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