My thoughts on: Scandal 6×03


The latest episode of Scandal has me as one very happy girl with the return of Tom and Michael. Yeah sure, Michael’s more of just a side character and Tom’s a bit of a creep and you’re probably sitting there questioning what is wrong with me, but I find these two very complex and multi-faceted characters and that I like. If anyone has twigged on, I always seem to like the more complicated, convoluted characters that other people seem to ignore or not take much notice of. They provide that finishing touch to a storyline that would otherwise not be as good and interesting without them.

Anyway,episode 3 had a heap of both Tom and Michael and had a huge focus on Cyrus’ role as the vice-presidential candidate. Here are my thoughts on a couple of things in the ep.

The investigation:
The episode went from normal day at home to national frenzy real quick. Cyrus went from asking Michael which tie he should wear to finding out he was being investigated for Vargas’ murder. The whole episode is basically the aftermath of OP&A’s desperation from sifting through millions of pieces of evidence to try and pin the death of Vargas on Cyrus. I mean, it did have Elizabeth North crawling on all fours like “a snake through grass” and even she was hoping to defend Cyrus and stand up for him. Cyrus was pretty much house bound until he was later arrested.

That video and a bit of potential deja vu?:

So there’s that video of Vargas and Cyrus arguing. In this ep, we find out what the context of the video was and to be honest, are we really that surprised?  Basically, the night when Cyrus somehow managed to win a vice-presidential debate, Cyrus spots Vargas getting friendly and giggly with one of the females on the campaign team. Naturally, alarm bells started ringing for Cyrus as the rest of us instantly thought “is this Fitz and Olivia 2.0”. The last thing he needed was some woman to ruin his chance to get into the White House…again. It’s quite fascinating how alike him and Olivia are. The difference being that Olivia is far more diplomatic in her approaches. Cyrus is quite the fan of violence. He ends up getting the help of Tom to “silence” this woman and he arrives at Frankie’s seeing the woman looking to retain her camera, her face battered and bruised and Frankie shocked and mortified for her. He eventually realises that Cyrus was the one who set it all up and that’s how the video came to be.

Tom and his dodgy love life:
But yes, if you haven’t noticed- I’m quite excited that Tom is back. This episode also reiterated how twisted his love life is too. Since Cyrus ditched him that night when he was announced as Vargas’ VP candidate, he clearly hasn’t stopped thinking nor stopped loving Cyrus. It’s a love clearly not reciprocated and that’s not exactly something you want with a trained assassin. I guess when he falls in love, he falls hard and he had his heart broken in a way that most people would just consider cruel. Yet, it didn’t stop him from coming to Cyrus’ aid when he needed him. In the end though, Cyrus realised he didn’t need him and Tom was heartbroken all over again. At least this time he could give Cyrus “a fate worth than death” so I guess that was some sort of consolation.

Michael being too good for Cyrus:
When Michael first came onto the scene, I thought he was annoying and irrelevant. But then his parents were introduced in that memorable, gut-wrenching restaurant scene and you had to feel bad for the guy. All he really wanted was to feel loved and wanted and not shamed for who he was. Fast forward a couple of seasons and I’m pretty sure he’s a doting stay at home dad to Ella taking her to school, packing her lunches and so forth. Despite everything thrown at Cyrus, he still stands by him and supports him. He’s seriously way too good for Cyrus and it’s about time Ella has someone stable in her life again. That poor kid, honestly.

You don’t trick Tom, okay?:

One particular scene that had me cracking up even though it wasn’t that funny to the average viewer was when Cyrus went to meet Tom in the park. He somehow thought that keeping a gun taped underneath the table was an intelligent way to deal with Tom if he starts getting violent. Of course, it was not. Tom knew the gun was there and by the time Cyrus went to reach for it, Tom already had it and was pointing it at him. I started somewhat squealing at the screen like “did you honestly think you could outsmart him Cyrus, geez Louise mate”. You just don’t trick Tom, okay? And then what followed was the final blow for Cyrus. Tom came forward and confessed to killing Frankie Vargas after Cyrus instructed him to do it.

Mellie is finally a step closer to the presidency:
With Tom’s confession came Liv telling Mellie that the electoral college had no other choice but to vote for her as the next President of the United States. It feels like everything’s finally coming together…well, that is if you’ve only been watching this season without seeing the other seasons or you’re not familiar with Shonda’s work. Surely there’s another turn around the corner. It can’t be over just like that. There’s going to be another twist in the tale and I cannot wait. If (or when) there is, it’ll hurt though. Mellie thought she would finally get the presidency and then for it to be taken away again… come on Shonda, give the girl a break.


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